Dr. E. Bhoje Gowd

Principal Scientist & Associate Professor (AcSIR)


Thiruvananthapuram - 695019

Kerala, India



Phone: +91 9048427911

Office: +91 471 2515474

Our research focuses on nanostructured polymers with the aim of opening up new areas of applications and to clarify the relevant science in the field.

Research Interests

Nanostructures based on self-assembly of block copolymers

Crystallization and morphology of multiphase polymeric systems (in particular biodegradable polymers, block copolymers, conducting polymers, and nanocomposites)

Polymer/inorganic hybrid materials

Polymer-solvent complexes and intercalates

Structural characterization of polymer materials by X-ray scattering techniques


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Last updated Apr 2020

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